The people and their culture make Bulgaria special, combine this with the magnificent scenery, nature, history, food and weather you will be delighted at what you will see.
   We can visit monataries, Roman ruins, natural mineral spa's, beautifully restored villages and Eco trails with water falls, caves, and rivers that you can swim in.
   Some of our tours offer a more relaxing day with an afternoon in countryside complexes with restaurant and swimming pool.
   The off road capability of our Land Rover Defender enables us to easily cover rough terrain to ensure you get the best of Bulgaria.
   Although our tours have a schedule we can always be flexible. And remember tours can be tailored to suit your specific requirements….. You tell us where you want to go and we will take you.
   Our 'drop me off pick me up' service is perfect if you walk or paint and draw. We will drop you at your desired location and pick you as per your instructions.
   The following tours are based on picking up and dropping off in Veliko Tarnovo, please remember we are flexible and the start of finish points can be changed - just ask!

   TOUR 1 -Approx. 5 hours - Plakovo Monastery, Kapinovo Monastery, lunch and swimming
   Visit both Plakovo and Kapinovo Monasteries. Plakovo Monastery founded during the Second Bulgarian State was destroyed under Ottoman rule. Famous for hosting the anti-Ottoman 'Velcho Plot' with one of the ex-abbots 'Father Sergey' being one of the leaders. The monastery is a monument of national culture.
   The Kaprinovo Mastery is one of the largest in Bulgaria, the present building was built in 1825, there are beautiful protruding bays and open wooden verandas, with a peaceful courtyard it is a lovely place to see.
   Take lunch and the restaurant and spend time sunbathing and swimming in the rivers natural pools that warm with the heat of the sun. Some brave visitors dive from the rocks in to the river at the amazement of the onlookers.
   -Don't forget swimwear and towel!!!!

   TOUR 2 -Approx. 5 hours - Emen Eco trail and complex
   A relaxing day at the Emen Eco trail to see the amazing Canyon. The Canyon starts with the cave and ends with the waterfall 'Momin Skok'. The caves in the summer are home to hundred of bats that fly above your head if you are brave enough to enter the cave.
   The walk along to the waterfall must be done in sensible shoes and it is well worth it.
   After the visit to the Eco Trail we will visit Negovanka Complex for lunch and swimming in their pool. Maybe a cool beer of glass of local wine will be perfect while relaxing on the pool side terrace.
   Don't forget shoes that will survive water if you have any, swimwear and towel!!!

   TOUR 3 -Approx. 8 hours - Preobrazhenski Monastery, waterfall, Nicopolis ad Istrum, Sveta Troitza Monastery and Arbanassi
   You will see The Transfiguration monastery. The largest and most visited Monastery in the Veliko Tarnovo region with valuable icons, books, paintings and wonderful architecture. On the south outer wall you will see the composition 'The Cycle of Life' reflecting the human life path, the beginning and the end. The views here are magnificent and you will enjoy the peacefulness of this lovely place.
   A quick visit to a beautiful local waterfall will give you plenty of photo opportunities.
   Then onto the remains of an ancient Roman town founded in 101 - 106 AD by Emperor Trajan. You will not be disappointed at what you see here it is a fantastic site that will stimulate your imagination.
   Lunch will be taken in Arbanassi you will have plenty of time to see this wonderful village and its special places of interest like the Church of Nativity that is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

   TOUR 4 -Approx. 8 hours - Sokolski Monastery, Etera, Shipchenski Monastery and Shipka Monument
   The Sokolski Monastery perches on a crag above a small village. The Monastery played an active role in the struggles for independence providing the local rebels with an assembly point during the Rising of 1876. The famous master Kolyo Ficheto made the fountain with Falcons chiseled in its corners. With the beautiful architecture and charming garden this Monastery gives a great sensation of peace and serenity.
   Etera for lunch and shopping. This museum-village is strung along a valley with its stream and rich Bird life it has the look of a film set. Built to preserve traditional skills the dwellings the workshops and the bazaar in this village will be a joy to explore.
   Shipchenski Monastery was built after the liberation as a monument to both the Bulgarian and Russian dead. With its vibrant colours and the gold onion domes rise from the wooded hillside it is a must to see. More shops here with various hand made and traditional items.
   Shipkas 'Freedom' monument erected in 1890's is our last stop. Up 500 steps (don't worry we can drive up) you will be awed at the scenery and monument itself and what it represents. The museum holds weapons and paintings that details the battle, you can pay your respects where the Bulgarian and Russian forces resisted a huge Turkish army in 1877.

   TOUR 5 -Approx. 6 hours - Dryanovski Monastery, Bacho Kiro Caves and Bojentsi
   Set in a gorge Dryanoski Monastery was chosen as the place to launch a local uprising in May 1876. Under the leadership of Bacho Kiro and the monk Hariton several hundred rebels defended the Monastery against 10,000 Turkish troops. Kiro was offered his life if he publicly repented - he was hanged when he refused.
   The caves have a small floodlit area with some interesting stalactite formations. Some Stone Age pottery and arrowheads discovered here are in a small museum in the monastery courtyard along photographs of Bacho Kiro and some rebel skulls.
   According to legend Bojentsi was founded by survivors of the fall of Tarnovo, lead by the Nobel woman Bojena.