The Bulgarian lands lie at the crossroads of Europe and Asia in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. To the north is the border of Romania, to the west the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to the East the Black Sea and to the South Greece and South West Turkey.
   Bulgaria remembers many ancient civilizations and great people who wrote the pages of its turbulent history: Bronze and Iron spears and arrows, ruins of palaces and cities, wise words carved on rock and stone columns and written on parchment and leather.

   Low and high mountains, large plains, valleys and lakes. More than half of the territory is covered with forest. Rivers wind snake like across the country, with over 500 active mineral spring and not to forget the golden seashore that stretches 380k along the Black Sea.
   You can see the majestic fiery peaks of the Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains while you pass through one region to another. The Balkan range with the imposing 'freedom' monument of Shipka.
   Coming to Bulgaria will take you back centuries in the old capitals of Pliska, Preslav and Veliko Tarnovo where brave Kings and Czars lived. The ancient towns of Melnik, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv Koprivshtitsa and Balchik will show you the majestic history of Bulgaria.
   As you explore Bulgaria you will hear the old melody and unique rhythm of the traditional Bulgarian folksong and witness the dancing with the rich and colourful traditional costumes.
   There are amazing places that everyone coming to Bulgaria must try to see, the galleries and museums that keep the old spirit with collections of work from self taught old masters to the modern painting and some of the worlds oldest gold.
   Monasteries and Churches show you how deep the Bulgarian culture and traditions run, you can find feelings of peace and harmony.
   Bulgaria is known to have the largest amount of wildlife in Europe, she is also very famous for her Rose and the different product manufactured by this flower.
   The temperature in Bulgaria is perfect for defined seasons providing an excellent destination whatever your preference in weather and entertainment.
   Dry and hot summer - Average temperature (April - September): + 23 C. Cold winter with heavy snowfalls - Average temperature: 0 C.