We relocated to Veliko Tarnovo in Feb 2006 and know that the property searching and relocation process can be very stressful.
   We are forging relationships and working with local people to help you move forward once you have found your new home. Our relocation 'Baba' (granny) service will help you with a whole range of things essential to getting your holiday home or your new life in Bulgaria on track.
   Learning Bulgarian is the key to accessing the services in Bulgaria but this is far from easy. We can provide lessons that will help you with the day to day things you will encounter rather than focusing on the grammar which will come in time. However, learning the language is not the only thing you need to do. You must learn about how things work and where to go to get what you want at the best price.
   Initially you will be sure to need translator for most things, we do not want to do everything for you but with you. This will enables you to get a feel for the processes and procedure in Bulgaria.
   Our aim is 'hold your hand' for a short time and eventually leave you to do these things with confidence for yourself. But, if you have any problems we will of course be there to support and guide you.

   What we will help you with:

   • service connections
   • satellite and cable TV
   • Internet connections
   • banking
   • bill payments
   • ID cards
   • property and vehicle insurance
   • vehicle purchasing or registration
   • health and beauty appointments
   • home furnishings and equipment
   • shopping
   • assistance with emergency services
   • finding solicitor and accountants

   We have had many different experiences since we have lived in Bulgaria some good, some bad. The people who helped us will be the people who work with you. Our experience combined with their knowledge will be what makes all the difference. Sometimes the Bulgarian and English interpretations of things are very different, this gap can be bridged by simple explanations preventing huge misunderstandings.
   Our price
   5 Leva per hour plus an administration fee of 10% to cover phone calls and documentation.
   Travel expenses will be charged at 35 stostinky per kilometer.
   We will provide you with an itemised invoice weekly or monthly it's up to you.
   Any questions? Contact us.
   Don’t forget - go to our accommodation page to find a place for yourself while your property is being renovated or for your visiting family and friends. We can find your ideal long term or short term rental property.