Property Management

Our property management service will give you some peace of mind while you are not in Bulgaria, our regular visits mean that any damage or deterioration is picked up at an early stage aiming to preventing costly repair bills due to unnecessary damage.

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Each visit we:

  • check that your home and out buildings are in good order
  • identify any problems and report back
  • test alarm systems if installed
  • check pipework for leaks
  • check for rodent and insect infestation
  • air your rooms

Each year we:

  • winterise before the weather becomes cold enough to cause damage
  • open up and 'turn on test' in the Spring
  • pay all utility bill as and when necessary
  • organise insurance cover as per your requirements
  • pay the property taxes

PLEASE NOTE : it is our policy to organise any repairs or remedial work immediately that if left unattended could cause further damage.

From 450 Euro per year.